The main objectives of the programme

The undergraduate training program aims at producing the manpower that is truly functional and capable of sustaining industrial production and development.
It is envisaged that by the active participation of students in projects of appropriate technology, particularly relevant to the Nigerian situation and containing scientific, technological and socio-economic aspects, the student is stimulated to put his professional capabilities to the services of his fellow man. It enables him to identify basic needs and the ways and means to contribute to their solution satisfactorily.

Value The value of the Department of Chemical Engineering are:
  • Quality Academic and Skills acquisition programmes and facilities
  • Cosmopolitan staff and student composition
  • Atmosphere of Academic Freedom
  • Strong community service
  • Reputation for institutional discipline and harmony
  • Qualitative learning and skill acquisition that are industry and development driven
  • Dynamic and Interactive leadership and management
  • Multi-disciplinary approach to learning, skills and acquisition and research
  • Linkages with reputable and Internationally recognized Institutions
  • Storng relationship with the Alumni