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Research Work
Postgraduate supervision

                          i.      Treatment of Tannery Effluent using Saccharomyces Cerevisiae (Yeast). (PhD 2012/13 - on going)

                        ii.      Exergo-Economic Analysis of the FCC Unit of a Refinery (M.Sc. 2012/13 – on going)

                      iii.      Exergo-Economic Analysis of Coca-cola Processing Plant (M.Sc. 2012/13 – on going)

                      iv.      Performance Evaluation of a Centrifugal Pump (PGD 2009/2010) Completed.

                        v.      Exergy Analysis of a Textile Production Process (PGD 2012/13 – completed)

                      vi.      Exergy Modelling of Methanol-Water Binary Distillation System (PGD 2012/13 – completed)

                    vii.      Thermodynamic Analysis of Absorption Heat Pump System using Methanol-Water Binary Mixture (PGD 2012/13 – completed)

                  viii.      Exergy Analysis of Biodiesel Production using the Fischer-Tropsch Technology (PGD 2012/13 – completed)

Research/Extension experience with dates

a)      Thermodynamic Analysis of Distillation Operations for Simplified System Design and Simulation- PhD dissertation, Department of Chemical Engineering, A.B.U., Zaria. (2014)

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